May. 24, 2021

Is it time for another reality show or a reality check?

Reality TV shows focused on external shallow ideals are becoming more popular these days. The allure of junk food has a potent hypnotic influence on even the most powerful minds. However, while reality television can seem to be an innocent means of entertainment, the harm it causes (which is achieved invisibly) is significant, and it needs closer examination. So, *do we even need another reality TV program, or is it time for a reality check? *

Given that we live in a world that worships greed over goodness and lives by the mantra of *He who has the most toys lives, * rather than *He who has the most joys lives, * the success of reality television should come as no surprise. It is said that circumstances do not create an individual, but rather expose him. Similarly, reality television is simply a snapshot of what our world has evolved into: a materialistic society in which the love of wealth and wealth has triumphed over the power of love. It reflects a world that is not only lacking in a strong, wholesome belief culture, but also spiritually disconnected. It's also a world that thrives on life on the brink, with thrill-seeking and addictions as its hallmarks (including the addiction to stimulation). Read information about Bigg Boss 15 Live.

So, there you have it: the absolute truth of reality television. Reality television, which is in the business of making us feel good rather than making us do good, adds to our society's rising challenges by promoting human incompetence rather than human success. Reality television does not inspire us; rather, it overpowers us by robbing us of our inherent strength, inner knowing, and faith, leaving us feeling vulnerable, inadequate, less satisfied, lonely, and confused as a result of its promotion of anti-social behavior, unnecessary self-indulgence, self-entitlement, envy, corrupted honesty, fascination with winning at all costs, and moral degradation.

When you understand the severity of the problems that America is facing now, it's clear that we don't need another mindless reality TV show, but rather a solid reality check. America is in dire need of redemption and genuine regeneration, whether we realize it or not. It requires a jump-start, not only in terms of the market, but also in terms of the spirit. After all, we are just as strong as our spirits, and a frail spirit makes it possible to be overcome by life's challenges. When the spirit is solid, though, no turbulences can affect us, similar to how a ship in a massive ocean can sail effortlessly as long as there are no gaps in it that might cause it to sink.

Even if it's just to reexamine our belief culture, which is out of control and has resulted in social ills and collapsing programs and institutions, America could use a reality check. It's only normal for people to feel overwhelmed in a conflicted state of confusion, doubt, and anxiety, and to wish to escape from life. Reality television, on the other hand, provides such a temporary reprieve. We are clearly looking for love (true pleasure, satisfaction, sense, and purpose) in the wrong ways. A fast cure (for coping) seems to be the opioid of choice in a world that needs immediate satisfaction and relaxation from daily anxieties.

Now for the sobering reality check. The irony is that in today's America, the dominant mindset is that *more is better, * that obtaining external wealth is preferable to acquiring internal wealth, and that you can get anything for free. There is a sense of right and an illusion that one should be able to have the good life without having to fight hard for it. With programs like *The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, * the media reinforces, glorifies, and perpetuates this. When all you see is glamour and not the hard work and effort that goes into success, it just breeds greed and a desire for a "get rich fast" scheme, which leads to a loss of conscience and honesty.

We should no longer neglect our decaying societies and structures, which range from environmental degradation to spiritual corruption. From an Enron economy with ballooning budget deficits (which is just a reflection of a deficit of integrity) to a vanishing social security system (which creates social insecurity), to politicians doing what is politically correct instead of what is in the best interest of the community, to a failing education system as shown in poor test scores that lag behind those of other nations, to the vanishing social security system (which creates social insecurity), to politicians doing what is politically correct instead of what is in the